You are very welcome to submit something to the IF80 site.

At some point (probably into the new year, when the celebration may have died down) we’ll stop accepting submissions.

Until that time, by all means send something along the lines of what you see on the site.

Include your submission in the body of an email, or attach it to an email, and send to:

info /a t/ irving-feldman /d o t/ com

Make certain that you’ve clearly identified yourself, using the name you want displayed on the Contents page. 

If you attach a document, please embed your name or your initials in the document title. 

If you send images, be sure to rename the image with a descriptive name (we already have enough IMG_xxxx and DSCNxxxx files -- please don’t add to the confusion).  We resize all images for the web -- 72 pixels/inch and 700 pixels wide.

If you have photographic prints, please scan them yourself, or have them scanned at a place like Kinko’s, and email the scans.