Shirley and Larry Novak


Happy Birthday, IRVING!                          September 22, 2008  


It is an honor and a pleasure to wish you “salud, dinero y amor” on your 80th birthday.  You clearly already
have arrived at a state of “salud” that is satisfactory-or-better since it’s your 80th that is being celebrated! 


As for “amor”, it’s quite obvious that you’ve achieved that special state of being since you are at this moment with your loved ones – your beloved partner, my sister Gail, your son Fernando, daughter-in-law Sabrina, and your beloved grandchildren, for and with whom the love and adoration travels in both directions.


As for the traditional Guatemalan wish for “dinero”, I’ll leave it at this: may you always have as much as you need for whatever brings you happiness and good health.                                  


Irving, “SALUD” and “L’CHAIM”!  The artistic and literary one, the   witty and clever-with-words individual in the family I am not. Nor am I technologically savvy to produce some photographic or video production especially for you.  So pure and simple words  of BEST WISHES, with MUCH LOVE, are being included here for this special occasion, along with two photos that represent
some past, warm Fischer/Novak family occasions that we look forward to repeating with you

again and again and again and again and…………



              Love, Shirley and Larry