Clifford Mahler



Dear Irving,

For 25 years plus, as the time of your birthday rolled around, my excitement grew. This would be the year when Mahler wins in September to start our squash year off. You grew older, but not old enough! I don’t think I ever won any of those September matches, not a one. In any case your bold presence and energy always has served as exemplars for me along the way and still do. The other image you gave me and has nourished me for many years, came from your story about the snow storm and your car battery dying out. You described hiking with battery in hand, in the middle of the storm, to find a shop that would sell you a replacement. That image of taking what life has to offer, standing upright, and making the best of it as been a source of great strength for  me. Thanks so much!

Irv, I wish for you good health and satisfaction in the days (years) ahead. Ronnie offers her sincere best wishes as well. By the way, are you up for a match? This could be my year! Then again, it probably wouldn’t….

Happy birthday friend and partner,

Cliff Mahler


1. The way we weren’t--

Figure 1 Ronnie and Cliff, Utah 2007

Figure 2 Adam, Montreal 2007

Figure 3 Ronnie and Liz, Utah 2008