Cheryl Kramer


        Dear Irv, let me begin by wishing you everything great and wonderful for you on this special birthday...and always. (Of course, in good health which goes without saying. I sure wish I could be celebrating with you, Gail,  Fernando and Sabrina and your beautiful grandchildren, Natasha and Alexander.  Just know that I will be there with you in my heart.

        I have so many fond memories of you spending time with my family and me when I was a child. from your visits to our Bklyn home to looking forward to seeing you at grandma and grandpa's home in Coney island, I always looked forward to seeing you. You took me for walks on the boardwalk and introduced me to your Chinese friend, gave me money to play skeet ball and probably bought me ice cream. You always had a knack at making me feel special. I was so happy to be your niece. One of the best memories I had was when you brought Carmen and Fernando to our home. How happy I was to have a new cousin "Flip" as Chick called him and a warm and wonderful new aunt. I was so pleased that you too had a family and wasn't alone.

        Irv, some of my best memories are around the times you came to stay with Ed and me in NYC. I was so pleased that you liked Ed and that the two of you and the three of us shared such special time together. Ed was so fond of you too. How many women were as fortunate as me to have an uncle to take walks with, play tennis, do crosswords together and just have a great time together. (I have even been tempted at times to call you when stumped by a crossword puzzle). Sharing in your fame as a poet by attending readings and dinners was so special to me. How proud I was to be there with you and share in your literary fame. I was so grateful to be included. And of course, uncle, you were a great source of comfort and support during the hardest of times of my life . I remember our walks and swims when dad died, adding some lightheartedness to such a heavy time; so glad you were there with Fernando when mom died, and of course there for me in your most supportive way when Ed died. Your presence was so  important to I appreciate having an uncle and a friend "all in one".

        You are truly the youngest looking and "at heart" 80 year old that I have ever known....and I hope that I have your youthful genes ( not just the back and hip genes).

        You have accomplished so much to be proud of in your short 80 years and I know that there is still so much more for you to continue to do.  I am hoping that we can continue the birthday celebration one day soon when you and Gail come for a visit to NYC. Please know that you always have a room in my apartment waiting for you.

        To my favorite uncle I thank you for all your love, support and caring over the years. I've learned so much from you and hope to continue for many, many more enjoy your birthday celebration, all the wonderful contributions from your friends and family and have a most happy, healthy birthday!! Sending you my love and hugs and kisses, my uncle, my friend......Cheryl