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Reading at Burchfield-Penney 2003
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I don’t have Quicktime and I don’t want it, either!

As is well known, Apple asserts its hegemony over all known computing devices.  This site was created on a Mac Pro using iWeb, so even though it’s meant to be generic, deep down among those bits it’s self-identified as an Apple site, which means it expects you to use Apple software to play media, even though you shouldn’t have to.

Testers have reported that the MP3s of Irving’s readings might not play unless the Windows machine has Apple’s Quicktime installed. Whether you install Quicktime or not is surely your business, not ours (and not Apple’s, either). If this happens, just download the MP3s. Each audio file is about 26 MB.

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Reading at U.B. October 2004 
59 minsAudio_files/2004%20reading%2064.mp3

If you want to download an audio file and play it in your own way, click on the text below (“Reading at Burchfield...” or “Reading at U.B...).” A new browser window will open up, and the audio will start to play. Then, select the small downward-facing arrow at the right of the player controls for that reading, then wait for whatever symbol your browser uses to signal “working” (hourglass, spinning wheel, whatever) to disappear, and only then choose “save as source.”  If you don’t wait, you won’t get the option to save as source.


Use these to PLAY the audio.  Use the links below to DOWNLOAD the audio.


Here is a link to an interview that Michael Silverblatt did with Irving Feldman at KCRW (Santa Monica, CA) in July, 2006.

KCRW makes an MP3 of this interview available; you can download it.

Here is a link to Garrison Keillor’s “The Writer’s Almanac,” for March 23rd, 2008.  He reads the poem “The Dream;” you can compare Keillor’s reading to Irving’s reading on Bookworm.